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Our Technology

Wildfires today are being detected by using advanced technological solutions.

The most common solutions are satellitecamera and wireless sensor network based. Each solution having its own advantages and disadvantages.


EVERSENSE's sensors exceed the wildfire detection standards in every parameter, which we achieve with innovative IoT development.

A unique, patent pending, energy harvesting technique powers the detection device when fire is nearby and alerts immediately, signaling the fire location.

EVERSENSE's fire detection device has an endless lifespan since it uses sustainable and renewable energy.


Cloud-Based Dashboard

Online access to a simple, straightforward, and easy-to-use dashboard. No installation on the client's computer and no administrator training is required. The management software present all the devices on a map in each site and allows the administrator to configure the desired actions in case of a fire detection.

Exact Fire Location

Once a fire has been detected, an exact location is sent to a centralized system, alerting the relevant pre-defined recipients of the exact fire location. The location being sent is accurate and reliable. Moreover, the system will then recommend the required solution according to the fire location, considering topography, fire direction, speed and additional parameters.

No Battery

Each device is designed to produce its own sufficient electric power to function optimally. The device uses an innovative energy harvesting method and requires no battery, solar panel, or any outer electric source. This unique characteristic makes the device long-lasting and durable, and exempts from expensive infrastructure expenses.

Sustainable Energy

The device was designed as an effective energy harvesting system. It uses an ambient energy harvesting method to convert the natural resources into electricity. By doing so, the device is more durable, reliable, energy-efficient, and economical. Renewable energy does not cause any environmental pollution and is available widely free of cost.

Self-Powered Sensors

The Internet of Things became the most important technology in today’s era, allowing every physical object to be connected to the internet.

Our solution includes large-scale sensor networks which are distributed throughout a site (forest area), while each sensor functions autonomously and activate once a fire has been detected. The sensors communicate over the wireless network and alert the system by sending the exact fire location.

False-Alarm Free

The unique sensor mechanism is designed to send fire alerts ONLY when a true wildfire is detected. This feature strengthens the fire detection reliability. Furthermore, human intervention, prior to sending the alert to the emergency forces, is redundant.

Maintenance Free

Thanks to the unique features of the device, it requires zero-maintenance.

No battery replacement is needed, no annual calibration and no parts replacement is required. Once installed, it can theoretically run forever without a requirement for future maintenance operations.

Patent Pending

Using advanced technologies, we developed a distinctive solution for wildfire detection. The device's technology and unique innovative implementation is patent pending and currently in an international PCT phase.


EVERSENSE in Comparison to Other Technologies


EVERSENSE innovative system overcomes critical flaws exists in all other solutions,

as described below:


Optical/ CCTV Camera-Based Solution

Sensitive to visible spectrum of smoke recognizable during the day and a fire recognizable at night  

1. It required a long delay from the ignition moment to produce detectable smoke plume. The fire itself needs to be quite big.

2. Wind might interfere with the ability for a smoke column to form.

3. Weather conditions and night vision reflect on the camera performance.

4. High rate of false alarms.

5. Requires 24/7 manned control room and trained operator.

6. Localization errors.

7. Lack of round-the-clock availability due to camera rotation (up to 12 minutes).

8. Requires an expensive infrastructure - tower and communication.

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